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Wine is an important part of Italian culture and visiting Collina dei Poeti, a winery in the countryside just outside the medieval town of Santarcangelo di Romagna, 20 minutes drives from Bellaria Igea Marina, is going to be an amazing experience. 

The estate is characterized by vineyards and ancient trees, cypress trees, chestnuts, silver pines and mulberry trees scattered everywhere, in the park and along the paths.

A magical place, rich in history, culture and rural traditions where you can find the typical hospitality of the people of Romagna.

Collina dei Poeti

You will be guided through the vineyard and the production site and later you will get taught how to prepare and cook a regional speciality: tagliatelle pasta or piadina flat bread. The cookery lesson is going to be an amazing opportunity for learning Italian: you will get in touch with a lot of useful vocabulary!!!

Piadina is a thin, unleavened Italian flatbread that can be stuffed with a variety of cheeses, meats and/or vegetables, or even with sweet fillings such as jam or Nutella.

Tagliatelle: a typical egg pasta often served with seafood in Romagna

After lunch you will head to town for a guided tour. Santarcangelo is one of the most famous medieval town in the area. 

Santarcangelo: panorama

The first Roman settlement of the current Santarcangelo grew up around the church, known as “Pieve.”

After the Barbarian invasions the town centre moved to the top of the main hill called Colle Giove. Around the year 1000, an imposing stronghold called later called Rocca Malatestiana,  was constructed and became the town’s hub.

Rocca malatestiana

Currently the town hub is the majestic Ganganelli Square with its the neoclassical town hall and the great arch built in honour of Pope Clement XIV in 1777. 

Ganganelli square

Another fine building is La chiesa della Collegiata, dating back to 18 century and containing beautiful paintings and a magnificent organ which still works today and is visible above the main entrance of the church.

The medieval town of Santarcangelo is built on a hidden and mysterious world made of tunnels, shafts, and impressive circular halls. In the east part of the hill, called Colle Giove, are 150 caves.

Many of these caves were used as cellars for storing wine. Five of them are thought to be much older, perhaps created as a place of worship.

A visit to the monumental pubblic cave is a must. Experts here will guide you through the underground labyrinth and recount ancient legends and exciting stories.

These caves make up a sort of maze in which it is impossible not to be seduced by the sense of mystery that is felt at every step.

Santarcangelo caves

Santarcangelo is a very lively town which host an international theatre festival and a very famous wine festival in August. Great food can be found anywhere but the best place id definitely “La Sangiovesa” situated in the heart of town in the old Palazzo Nadiani. If you are after a special treat that’s the place: fresh pasta, fresh piadina and all the desserts are made from scratch every day!

La Sangiovesa