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Learn Italian in Italy’s experience, diary of a holiday with italian tutor on the mountains

Posted in Touring, events, places and traditions on Jun 28, 2019

On Saturday the 24th of August we kicked off with our first Italian course in “Borgo Pianello holiday homes and winery”, a beautiful residence, surrounded by a quiet and uncontaminated landscape and situated on Appennino bolognese, the mountains between Bologna and Florence.

I had an amazing time together with my students Anders, Mary and Peter who were very pleased about their Italian experience!

Italian Tutor experience’s aim it’s not just learn Italian in Italy but indeed to get the students to discover other aspects of Italy, such as cookery, wine and above all get them to mingle with Italian people so that they can get constant feedback about their improvement from the locals: the best way to learn Italian is to be in Italy.

I kept a photographic diary of this amazing week of learning and cooking Italian and I would like to share it with you!

Sunday – Welcome lunch

Chef Stefania, in the picture with husband Marco, cooked for us an amazing lunch: a lovely lasagna and a fantastic sweet based on ricotta cheese and crumbled biscuits. I met my students Anders, Mary and Peter together with the cookery students and we had a great time together! Mix together English, Dutch, Swedish and Italians and you a get a great few hours of bantering and chattering. Indeed a good start!

Monday: pasta lesson.

Amazing cooking day at Borgo Pianello: we made tortelloni and tagliatelle pasta from scratch. We cooked as well bolognese sauce and an amazing sweet typical of Bologna called fiordilatte. After we had lunch all together! It was great fun. All our students have been great cooks!!!

Eating pasta we made

Tuesday: pizza lesson.

Amazing cooking day at Borgo Pianello: All the students and the Italian teacher made his or her own pizza from scratch! As you can see happy faces at the end.

Wednesday: First day of Italian lessons

This is our classroom!! Amazing isn’t it?

Learning Italian by the pool Learning Italian by the pool

While we were having Italian lesson, the other students cooked from scratch an amazing meal which we had together: bruschetta and mixed crostini as a starter, spaghetti with pesto, cherry tomatoes and burrata cheese as a first, pork wraps and courgettes as a second and cantucci biscuit with vinsanto! I have to say that after such a meal, getting back to books and grammar in the afternoon was hard for all of us!!!

Thursday: second day of Italian lessons

After a day on the books my students Anders, Mary and Peter and I went for dinner and we could not have chosen a better place! Chef Betti from the restaurant “Caciosteria 2 ponti” in the local town of Pavana cooked for us fantastic food! An amazing fusion of tastes from 2 Italian regions: Toscana and Emilia-Romagna. The village of Pavana where the restaurant is located is right on the border!

A bunch of happy people A bunch of happy people: Yummy food and great evening!

Friday: third day of Italian lessons.

Anders, Mary and Peter did very well and I really hope we can meet again one day. They gave great feedback to the Italian tutor experience.

All the videos of the lessons can be found on my FB page or on my youtube channel:

At night we celebrated the end of of an amazing week of socialisation, cooking and Italian learningin a local restaurant with some amazing mountain food and some fancy bottles of grappa. I am very looking forward to the next one! Grazie a tutti! I miss you all!!!


I am a 43 years old certified Italian teacher with a degree in politics and a PhD in modern history.