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Italian tutor

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Cooking and learning on the mountains

This course will be an amazing experience for any “foodie” who wants to learn Italian and discover about Italian culture. The language will surround you all day long; talking Italian will come natural to you and you will get constant feedback from the locals leading you to a quicker learning.

You will not just learn the language but discover the different aspects of Italian life style, above all food! You will be taught how to make pasta and other Italian specialities from scratch and you will be experiencing three gourmet meals and the chef will take you through the peculiarities, the making and the right matching for the food you will be served each night.

What's included

7 nights/8 days
in independent and comfortable 4 stars apartments

1 Welcome bag
2 days cooking class with lunch and wine tasting
Cookbook and apron
3 Meals

9 hours of Italian course
for all levels + course material.

Suggestions to visit different local producers (Parmigiano Reggiano, Mountain Grappa, Organic Jam; Balsamic Vinegar, Typical Cheese and local Wines Producers …).
Suggestions to visit Bologna, Modena, Firenze, Lucca, etc.


Dates of courses

Date Price Max attendees Days left
1 May - 8 May 21 from £ 965,00 20 CLOSED pre registration pre reg.
12 Jun - 19 Jun 21 from £ 965,00 20 CLOSED pre registration pre reg.
18 Sep - 25 Sep 21 from £ 965,00 20 CLOSED pre registration pre reg.
7 May - 14 May 22 from £ 965,00 10 CLOSED pre registration pre reg.
11 Jun - 18 Jun 22 from £ 965,00 10 CLOSED pre registration pre reg.
3 Sep - 10 Sep 22 from £ 965,00 10 CLOSED pre registration pre reg.


Borgo Pianello

Borgo Pianello is a converted small rural village just outside the mountain town of Lizzano in Belvedere, a perfect position in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine, about an hour away from Florence, Bologna and Modena.

Appennino is a great place for food: here the great tradition of Emilia-Romagna cuisine enhances its quality and refinement with the genuineness of its local products, like mushroom, truffle, game, polenta flour. The influence of nearby Toscana adds a touch of uniqueness to delicious dishes that have always attracted gourmets from everywhere.

Getting to Borgo Pianello from the United Kingdom is very easy!

The closest airport is Bologna
 which is about 50 miles away.

There are direct flights to Bologna from many UK airports:
There are direct flights to Bologna from many UK airports:
London Heathrow, 3 per day with BA
London Stansted, 1-2 per day with Ryanair
London Luton, 1 per day with Ryanair
London Gatwick, 1 per day with EasyJet
Bristol, every Wednesday and Sunday with Ryanair
Manchester, every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Ryanair
 Edinburgh, every Monday and Friday with Ryanair

From Bologna Airport, the best way to get to Borgo Pianello is by car! We suggest you include the renting of your car in your plane booking: it’s normally a lot cheaper. You will be given the car directly at the airport and in an hour you will be in Borgo Pianello.



Borgo Pianello is made of five apartments, a house and a manor house, all furnished with great care, up to the tiniest details. Inside the manor house there is a large hall, a unique winery; at the back a beautiful swimming pool overlooks the mountains.

Every apartment is composed of a large bedroom with double bed and a living room with a comfortable sofa bed. They are furnished in modern style with old-style details. The house in front of the swimming pool, which originated from the renovation of an old stable, is composed of two connected one-room apartments of 45sqm each. In the house there are two kitchens, two fireplaces and two bathrooms. The manor house has four bedrooms, a large living room with an ancient fireplace, a roomy kitchen, two bathrooms and a private garden.



7 nights / 8 days in 4 stars apartments
Course Levels Available
A1 (Elementary) – C2 (Proficiency)
Minimum age
Course Times
Class 1: 09.30 – 12.45
Class 2: 15.00 – 18.15
Number of Hours Tuition
9 hours per week
Class Size
2-20 people
2 cooking days
€ 965 per person (at least three people)
€ 1035 per person (two people accommodation)
€ 1175 per person (one person accommodation)


Italian lessons will:   

  • increase your confidence when communicating
  • help you to use Italian more effectively
  • help you to speak more accurately and fluently
  • improve your grammar
  • increase your vocabulary
  • improve your pronunciation
  • increase your knowledge of Italy and understanding of Italian tradition and mindset



Arrival & check-in after 3 p.m. & Welcome Bag


Welcome to Borgo Pianello. Take your time to relax and enjoy a real Italian Lunch.


Cooking Class. Head into the kitchen of the Borgo with Chef Stefania for your first cooking class. Work next to her to prepare some of the most popular Bologna’s handmade pasta; tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, tortelloni with fiordilatte cream. Aperitif and lunch (appetizer, first course, main course, dessert and wine tasting included).


Cooking Class. Work next to Stefania to prepare typical recipes from central Italy: Tuscany bruschetta, chitarra pasta, cantuccini cookies and much more. Aperitif & Lunch (appetizer, first course, main course, dessert and wine tasting included).


3 hours of Italian lessons. Lunch or dinner: bottomless PIZZA.


3 hours of Italian lessons. 
Dinner time is FREE.


3 hours of Italian lessons.
 Dinner in Gourmet Restaurant.


Check out at 10 a.m and departure.


€ 965 per person (at least three people)
€ 1035 per person (two people accommodation)
€ 1175 per person (one person accommodation)


Appennino Bolognese is very various and all its bits and pieces come together to create an unforgettable vacation. Villages, attractions, forests, and mountains will surprise you!

You will have plenty of free time and you have got a lot of options about how to spare it! If you are on a lazy mood and you don’t fancy to go around, you may want to taste some nice wine by the swimming pool. Borgo Pianello is also a winery; Stefania and Marco don’t produce wine but have a personalized line and an accurate selection of typical Italian wines. If you like the wine you can purchase it at a special price.

Sunday is going to be your free day: no cookery lessons, no language lessons! So if you are on an active mood you have plenty of places to visit which are really a short distance from Borgo Pianello.

The Regional Park of the Corno alle Scale and Frignano is the largest and most picturesque green oasis of the Emilia-Romagna. Home to many species of wildlife and vegetation. It offers pleasant opportunities: hiking, walking, mountain biking. You will be in contact with nature and surrounded by wonderful colors

The river Dardagna: In a few minutes walk from Borgo Pianello there is river Dardagna, descending along the slopes of mount Corno alle Scale (2,000 metres high) with natural waterfalls. You can fish for trouts, doing sport, and in the summer also have a nice swim in the crystal clear water

Around Borgo Pianello you can visit Monteacuto, Castelluccio and Pianaccio, ancient mountain villages still perfectly preserved and made of native stone, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the maple, dating back from middle age, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Beech; Poggiolforato, Farnè, House flakes and many other small settlements

Visit a local Parmigiano Reggiano cheese site production! It’s an amazing experience, a great and tasty tradition of this area of Italy. It’s a worldwide that Italians often great on their pasta but it’s fantastic even on it’s own perhaps with some drops of balsamic vinegar!

Balsamic vinegar is another local production. There are production sites of it around Pianello they are called acetaia (aceto is the Italian for vinegar) and this is something you may want to visit as well during your free day.

Art cities: If you feel like a longer drive, in about an hour you can get to Florence, Lucca, Bologna and other interesting places in Toscana and Emilia-Romagna.

Extra Italian Lesson for free: you feel like 9 hours per week of Italian are not enough? If it is possible Gabriele can teach you some more hours in the afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.