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Cheese tour

Are you a cheese lover? Would you like to know more about our regional dairy products, but you never had the chance? Then you can’t miss this 2 hours walking and tasting tour through the Emilia Romagna cheeses.

Starting from the Medieval Market, where you can find all the typical products of Bologna, Ilaria will introduce you to all the traditional cheeses that our beautiful region could offer, beginning with the king, his majesty Parmigiano Reggiano. You can learn how it's made and how many different kinds you can find, depending on the cow breeds.

We will talk about Grana Padano and why it's so different from Parmigiano, we will discover Pecorino di fossa and squacquerone, typical cheeses of Romagna. At the end of the tour we will head to Ilaria's house to taste them all and catch the differences among them, adding some jams, honey, wine jelly, caramelized figs and some drops of the real traditional balsamic vinegar. 

The highlight of the tasting is the the Traditional Balsamic vinegar from Modena, aged for 12 years, completely different from what you can buy at the supermarket! Is your mouth already watering? If you die for cheese and want to learn more about the typical ones of Emilia Romagna, this is the experience for you!

We can have the tour at any time, when it's more convenient for you.

50€ per person