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Emilia food tour

Parmesan cheese, Parma ham (or culatello) and balsamic vinegar tour

For this private gourmet tour we will leave very early in the morning to go to a Parmigiano factory in Modena where we will be able to see how they make the cheese from scratch.

We will also visit their warehouse (with dozens of big “wheels” of cheese) and will have a tasting.

The tour will continue with a visit to a Parma ham producer (Prosciutto di Parma is considered the best in the world!) where we will see the complete process that a pork leg undergoes from its arrival through all the various stages of maturation and will have a tasting.

Then we will head to a nearby winery, where we can learn everything about their way of making wine and we can taste 3 of their best products together with a hearty, traditional lunch, with homemade pasta specialities from Parma, typical products and cakes.

Later we will go to Modena to visit a balsamic vinegar production site where we will see how it is made. It’s then aged for 25 years and then ready to be tasted! We will of course taste it and we will be able to understand the astonishing difference with the industrial one.

We will be back around 5pm.

PRICE: AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE: 190€ per person, including transportation, lunch and tastings.