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Italian tutor

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Learn Italian

Make pasta

Make fresh pasta the real Italian way

Enjoy a cookery class at a very experienced Bolognese chef‘s house and learn how to create very famous local dishes and taste everything you make with some nice local wine

You will make fresh pasta with the rolling pin, the famous bolognese sauce and a dessert at your choice, like tiramisù, panna cotta, chocolate cake or chocolate salami.

Alternatively to the dessert, you could make a second course, such as “cotoletta alla bolognese” or meat filled zucchini or meatballs with peas.

You could even make a second kind of pasta, like tortelloni or ravioli. Or you could make lasagne and a dessert.

The class takes about 3 hours and will be followed by the lunch. You will eat what you have cooked!

1 Person: 160€
2 people: 100€ per person
3-4 people: 80€ per person
More than 4 people: 70€ per person
Payment: cash on site