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Olive oil and wine

Olive oil and wine hiking

We will leave in the morning toward Brisighella, a little suggestive town on Romagna hills, about 50km far from Bologna, famous for its olive oil “Brisighello”. Here, we can hike on a trail dedicated to Brisighella secular olive trees among the medieval fortress “Rocca Manfrediana” and ancient parish churches.

We have the possibility to visit a crypt where are guarded the archaeological finds of an old Roman crusher dating 2nd century A.C. After our pleasant trail, we will reach the olive oil consortium to visit the production and to have a tasting of their local specialties. Then we head to the medieval village of Brisighella where we can visit the town and have lunch with olive oil and typical products in a traditional restaurant.

In the afternoon we will reach a nearby winery where we can have a tasting of the famous Sangiovese, typical of this area, and other wines they make. We will be back around 5pm.

PRICE: AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE: 160€ per person, including transportation, lunch and tastings.