• “Spaghetti bolognese” are not served in Italy because according to the local taste that sauce doesn’t match that kind of pasta which is too smooth. Bolognese sauce goes with egg pasta which with its rough surface can hold the meat and the tomato sauce.
  • Never mix food and fish not just in the same dish but as well in the same meal.
  • Some toppings are a no-no for pizza, such as pineapple or any meat but pork.
  • Pasta is a main course and never has to be served as a side for a meat dish or together with a salad. Pasta in the same plate together with a steak or with a salad looks really unappealing for Italians.
  • Parmesan cheese on a pasta seasoned with a fish sauce or condiment is another no-no!
  • Italians don’t eat a lot on a daily basis (a typical lunch break at the office can be 80 grams of pasta and a fruit or just a salad or an ice-cream in the summer) but they eat as if there were no tomorrow when they celebrate! A celebration meal of 4 courses is a small one for Italians. In some area of southern Italy a wedding meal is 8-9 courses! In some area of northern Italy if you are invited to a wedding you will be offered lunch and dinner!
  • Italians don’t eat a lot for breakfast! A quick coffee and a croissant will do for most of them. But as we know you like rich breakfast we won’t let you down at Borgo Pianello! For just 8 euro extra charge you can join a fantastic international breakfast buffet!!!!

There are guidelines even for drink and food combinations

  • Red wine very rarely accompanies a fish based dish. The only fish dish that requires red wine is tuna steak!
  • Cappuccino generally accompanies sweet pastries and unlikely is drunk in the afternoon or at night and never is drunk at the end of a meal. Espresso is the best happy ending for any meal and if the meal is really big you may want after your coffee one “ammazzacaffé” (“ammazzare” means to kill; something very alcoholic that “kills” your coffee). The variety of spirits produced in Italy is amazing: the most popular are “limoncello” in the south and “grappa” in the north!
  • Italians drink little beer in the winter. Beer is a summer drink; too cold for winter!
  • Unlikely Italian people drink alcohol without eating food at the same time! Getting too drunk is not socially accepted in Italy! Most Italians would feel ashamed to appear very drunk in public and probably will get in trouble with the wife or the husband if they turn up drunk at home!!! ☺