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  • 7 NIGHTS / 8 DAYS – Saturday to Saturday
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My dear friend Rebecca Mattioli, a bright English teacher living in Bologna created ROGER, a brand new approach to language learning, based on the combination of travelling abroad, sightseeing, language practice and live-action role playing. A program specifically designed for a small group of maximum 6 people, so to offer a unique and dedicated italian learning experience available on the dates above.

Roger: the new Italian learning experience

A perfect blend for a group of friends seeking some new and entertaining experience beyond the usual language-course-plus vacation formula. A new and diverting way of touring in combination with an authentic Italian learning experience. ROGER targets your language practice offering you and your friends a real chance at experimenting your language level in the field while having fun and exploring your surroundings in Italy, always accompanied and followed by qualified teachers.

A 5 days full immersion in Italian throughout the medieval city of Bologna and its fascinating surroundings, plus a free day for sightseeing, which adds the fun of a background story to play in as a fictional character, interacting with real people in real-life situation and putting your Italian to test. The role-play background story is based on one of Bologna’s worldwide famous dishes: the Tortellino Bolognese.

Let’s hear some more details about ROGER from its creator lips’ Rebecca:

The package includes

Accommodation at a selected hotel close to the city centre – double rooms, breakfast included.
Reception at the hotel at check in 5 days of live role-playing scheduled as follows:

  • 4 hours of morning activities around the city and its surroundings, including a visit to F.I.Co Eataly world, all transport and tickets included.
  • 2 hours of afternoon activities indoors -daily wrap up and preparation of the following day.

A free sightseeing day with the possibility of a scheduled cultural activity with the teachers.

Price 1,000 EUR per person.

Want to know more about ROGER and the Tortellino Bolognese project?Contact us for more details! Check out our brochure

Live Action Role-Playing Experience in a Foreign Language

A foreign language is a priceless opportunity to meet a new self. Get it, live it, play it, make it yours, while having fun and exploring new countries. Enjoy your experience.

Provide a playful, live and unique experience of foreign language practice where the language is daily spoken.
Help students turn into actual language users focusing on their soft skills (e.g. Teamworking, reliability, reactivity, etc.) by using a dedicated and customized role- playing model.

THE ITALIAN LEARNING PROJECT – Tortellini: una storia bolognese

.ROGER.’s project will be set in Bologna and the LARPE language will be Italian.
The story-framework focuses on the history of the worldwide famous Italian dish. A journey in time and space through the streets of the old medieval city as well as across the equally astounding surrounding city area, will offer a unique opportunity to literally have a taste of the real Italian lifeway, building up the ultimate touristic guide to the renowned Italian delicacy.

Book your very own LARPE now! Check out with your local contact and join us. We look forward to guiding you through an unprecedented linguistic practice. A 360 degrees experience.


A group of reporters is set to write a travel guide based on the history and peculiarities of the worldwide famous Italian dish: TORTELLINI ALLA BOLOGNESE.
A cook, a journalist, a gourmet historian, a food blogger, an Italian cooking expert and a renowned taste tester team together to dig the roots of the emblem of the Bolognese cuisine and write a travel guide based on their journey. They are set to come across all the key features of the dish as well to discover the history and myths surrounding it. Their journey will bring them to visit some of the most iconic angles of the city as well as to experience a complete and exhaustive approach to the Bolognese culture and perspective though such a priceless symbol as only food can be.

The Italian learning Journey in pills

DAY 1 – The history of the Tortellino Bolognese. Where the myth was born and how it has spreaded to become representative of the entire city. The story of the “Secchia rapita”. A visit to Castelfranco Emilia to discover the origin of the dish.

DAY 2 – The ingredients – part 1: MORTADELLA, a.k.a. Bologna sliced meat in the flesh! Visit to Eataly World to the “Fabbrica” stand dedicated to the renowned local excellence.

DAY 3 – The ingredients – part 2: PARMIGIANO REGGIANO. A visit to a local cheese factory to discover how the worldly renowned food delicacy is made.

DAY 4 – The ingredients – part 3: FRESH HANDMADE PASTA. What is a SFOGLINA? A full immersion into a curious yet precious and so very local job which could soon conquer the world, including a quick course to practice how to make them.

DAY 5 – How it’s served. A journey though the most ancient restaurants and inns of Bologna, still serving the traditional dish.

DAY 6 – BOLOGNA LA DOTTA E LA GRASSA – a free day off to sightsee the many unknown wonderful locations of the city.

Getting to Bologna from the United Kingdom is very easy!

Bologna airport
There are direct flights to Bologna from many UK airports:
London Heathrow, 3 per day with BA
London Stansted, 1-2 per day with Ryanair
London Luton, 1 per day with Ryanair
London Gatwick, 1 per day with EasyJet
Bristol, every Wednesday and Sunday with Ryanair
Manchester, every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Ryanair
Edinburgh, every Monday and Friday with Ryanair


Last year on the hills of Bologna I organized a really similar experience for two of my British students. It was great for me and judging from the feedback even for them:

“We had a fantastic trip to Bologna organised by Gabriele . Nothing was too much trouble and we particularly enjoyed the variety of the experience from the wonderful accommodation and food and local wines at to our guided tours of Ravenna and Ferrara and Bologna itself.
The opportunity to learn pasta making, have Italian lessons and go cycling in the beautiful countryside is something we will never forget. We would thoroughly recommend.

What my students in UK say of me:

“After having completed a 24 hour Italian course with Gabriele, I could only highly recommend him as an enthusiastic and engaging teacher for all levels. Upon starting the course, I had an upper-beginner level and was not at all confident in spoken or written Italian. Now I have completed my hourly sessions of conversational Italian, my level of spoken and written Italian has improved so much and I am so happy with everything I have learnt and achieved.”
Richard, Marlow

“I always look forward to my Italian lessons with Gabriele very much indeed. His friendly manner and good sense of humour put me at my ease, and there is always so much to discuss. He has a thorough understanding of Italian and English grammar and, more importantly, the skills to explain and teach, which is not true of all native speakers.
He is interested in his students and tailors each lesson to their individual needs and interests. His warm personality and professional intelligent approach make his lessons a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.”
Pam, High Wycombe

Other italian courses locations

Italian course trip: port of Bellaria Igea Marina
A three star hotel in the seaside town of Bellaria-Igea Marina about 100 km from Bologna and just outside Rimini.

Full-board provided – from 850 euro per person

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Study Italian on the hills of Bologna. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a late sixteenth century mansion: it’s a very special place, surrounded by hills and great views.

From 815 euro per person

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Borgo Pianello
Borgo Pianello is a tourist resort, totally immersed in a quiet and uncontaminated landscape, one hour far from Bologna and Florence.

7 meals included – from 965 euro per person

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The City
Bologna – Piazza Maggiore
Study Italian in the heart of Bologna. The best way to enjoy the famous food and the atmosphere of a unique city in the world.

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