Italian online lessons are the ideal choice for people who want to save time, money and stress. From the comfort of your own home, for just £ 25 you can have an hour bespoke lesson with Gabriele, a mother tongue qualified and experienced teacher.

Italian lessons online

There are many online platform that can be used for lessons but Italian Tutor suggest Skype which is not only easy and free to use but it is as well an excellent system to deliver efficient teaching. Gabriele will use the chat room as a board and at the end of the lesson you will be able to go through all his notes just scrolling up and down your screen: you will not miss any information and your revision and homework are going to be easier and more productive!

Special offer for new students:
just ₤150 for a lessons package of 10 hours online

Life in quarantine is pretty dull, isn’t it? Long endless days spent in the house with nothing to do. Why don’t you invest your time in doing something fun and useful? Discover the beauty of the Italian language by taking Italian on line lesson.

Normal prices for Italian lessons online:

Hours £
1 30
10 220
20 400

Italian Online Classes – The advantages

It’s good value for your money

Online classes are cheaper than traditional ones, in addition there are no commuting costs, and the course materials will be available for you at no cost.

It’s more comfortable

You will learn from the comfort of your own home with no need to fight traffic, or miss important family time.

It’s more flexible

You will be able to plan learning time around the rest of your day, instead of the other way around. Students can study and work at their convenience.

You will avoid travelling

Travelling by car or public transport is not only expensive but can be as well stressing and dangerous: bad weather and traffic can turn your journey into a nightmare.

Improve your technical skills

Don’t know Skype or other tools for online teaching? You will learn how to use them quickly and you will discover tools that can be very useful not just for learning Italian.

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In love with Italian and Italy?

With Italian tutor you can combine the study of the italian language online to a study holiday in Italy, the best way to learn Italian. We organize Italian courses in Italy for all needs: in the mountains, on the hills, at the seaside and in the city of Bologna.

Each course consists of a part of the classroom lesson and a good number of extra activities. Guided tours to the most beautiful art cities near Bologna are planned: Ferrara, Ravenna, Padua. Moreover, cooking lessons and wine tasting.