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Italian tutor

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Italian teacher

My name is Gabriele Galli, I was born in Bologna, I am a 45 years old certified Italian teacher with a degree in politics and a PhD in modern history.

I worked as an Italian teacher for more than 10 years in the UK. In this time, I have gained extensive teaching experience and have taught Italian to people of all ages and walks of life and helped them to achieve the very best results in their Italian studies regardless their initial level of Italian knowledge.

In 2021 I moved back to Bologna, my hometown in Italy. I teach online and I organize experiences and holiday that include language learning, sightseeing and food

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Gabriele Galli CV

Greek teacher

Is it all Greek to you? Well, leran Greek with me and nothing is going to look Greek to you anymore!

My name is Maria Haritaki, I am from Greece and I have been teaching Greek to Greeks and to foreigners for the last 8 years. I taught Greek for 7 years in the United Kingdom at ACS International School, Egham, Surrey and privately.

I am 51 years old, I lived in Greece until I was 34 where I got my diploma in set designing and I worked as a set and interior designer. I left for the UK in 2006 and I lived there for 15 years. I moved to Italy in 2021 where I became an online Greek tutor.

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