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Have fun learning Italian in Italy!

  • 7 nights / 8 days
    (dates can be agreed with the teacher)
  • 9 Hours of Italian course
  • 3 guided tours:
    Bologna, Ravenna and Ferrara

A study holyday in a beautiful historic mansion

Torre di Jano is 20 km far from central Bologna, here you can learn Italian in Italy in the relaxed atmosphere of a late sixteenth century mansion: it’s a very special place, surrounded by hills and great views!

10 minutes away from Torre di Iano you have Sasso Marconi a pretty town with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops and a 25-minute train to Bologna. The town is named after Guglielmo Marconi, the radio pioneer, who was born in Bologna. A few kilometres from the centre of Sasso (“rock”) there is a very beautiful mausoleum housing the tomb of the famous inventor.

study holiday outdoor

It is the ideal place to give students a full immersion not only in the language but also in the delights of Italian cuisine. At Torre di Jano you can taste the wonderful dishes and the excellent wines from the chef-sommelier Matteo and attend a fresh pasta making lesson with Stefania, a professional pasta-maker.

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Why Torre di Jano and Bologna?

Italy’s most famous cities like Florence, Rome, Venice are definitely iconic destinations but not always the best places to learn Italian as they are full of English speakers and crowded with tourists

To have an authentic Italian experience, Torre di Jano is definitely the ideal place: great food, great hospitality and stunning views will make your experience unique. The mansion is surrounded by woods where you can have relaxing walks or if you are in a more lazy mood you can sunbathe in the lawns or in the huge patio outside!

Torre di Jano is 20 km away from Bologna, the economical, political an cultural capital of the northern region of Emilia-Romagna.

“The Telegraph” published an article written by Nick Gordon. The journalist came to Bologna to improve his Italian and described the city as, “the best Italian place to learn Italian because people are welcoming, there are not too many tourists unlike in Rome and Florence and you can find great Italian courses.

Read more about Bologna

Emilia-Romagna is not just Bologna, though! During your stay you will visit with your teacher two other beautiful cities.


just 40 kilometres from Bologna is without a doubt one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Ferrara is full of charm and rich in history and elegance. Its court was home to important artist and writers as Piero della Francesca e Torquato Tasso.
Read more about Ferrara.


just 80 km from Bologna, was at the beginning of the 5th century the capital of the western Roman empire. In that period many churches and palaces were built and decorated with splendid mosaics which are unique in the world. Eight monuments in Ravenna are listed by the UN agency UNESCO.
Read more about Ravenna.

The teacher

If you come to Torre di Jano, I am going to be your teacher.
My name is Gabriele Galli, I was born in Bologna, I am a 40-year-old certified Italian teacher with a degree in politics and a PhD in modern history. I have been working as an Italian teacher 8 years in the UK.

Read more about Gabriele.

It’s good value for your money!

  • 10th – 17th April (Be with us for Easter!)

    25th July – 1st August

    29th August – 5th September

  • 7 nights / 8 days
    in a beautiful historic mansion
  • 9 Hours of Italian course
    with a certified Italian mother tongue teacher
    + course material.
  • 3 guided tours
    a whole day with your teacher to discover the beauty of Bologna, Ravenna and Ferrara
  • Possibility of organizing wine tasting and cookery sessions

  • ..

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Day-by-day schedule

  • Saturday
    Arrival and welcome by Matteo, the chef and the owner of “Torre di Iano who will give you a welcome bag full of local delicacies
  • Sunday
    9.30-12.45 a.m. Italian lesson (coffee break at midmorning)
    Light Lunch
    Free afternoon
  • Monday
    Guided tour in Bologna.
    We will walk together under the porticoes and you will get shown the university, the cathedral, the square and all the main monuments in town. If you wish we will can visit as well to Basilica di San Luca, a beautiful shrine just outside the center..
  • Tuesday
    9.30-12.45 a.m. Italian lesson (coffee break at midmorning)
    Light Lunch
    Free afternoon
  • Wednesday
    Guided tour in Ravenna
    with its mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries AD and its Christian and Byzantine religious buildings, included by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.
  • Thursday
    9.30-12.45 a.m. Italian lesson (coffee break at midmorning)
    Light Lunch
    Free afternoon
  • Friday
    Guided tour in Ferrara, a small, elegant city which is full of character and history. We will not miss the beautiful castle overlooking the main square, the Cathedral, and the “Diamond” Palace.
  • Saturday

If you decide to be with us on EASTER WEEK the arrival day will be the GOOD FRIDAY and on the Sunday you will get to taste an amazing ITALIAN EASTER LUNCH.

The course

It’s a group course (minimum class size 6 people) aimed to all levels. Lessons can take place in a conference room in the mansion or more likely in the patio as the weather is likely to be warm enough. Tours and food experiences are going to be as well great opportunities to learn the language.

Your accommodation

Torre di Jano is a late sixteenth century countryside house and has got seven extremely spacious rooms furnished with late nineteenth century furniture and each have a private bathroom, TV and free Wi-Fi.
In addition to a guaranteed experience of total relaxation, guests at Torre di Jano can enjoy stunning views, have a walk through the surrounding woods, visit the vineyards in the hills of Bologna and unwind in the sun around the villa.

The third floor of the mansion can be turned into a truly unique apartment, equipped with a kitchen, and 4 independent bedrooms in which a total of 8-10 people can sleep. It’s perfect for a group of friends.

Fresh pasta making lesson

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What you are going to learn in 9 hours of Italian lesson

This is just an example of a schedule for beginners; if you are more advanced we’ll start from where you are and the syllabus is going to be bespoke on your needs and wishes.

The basics
Meeting greetings
How to introduce new people
Members of family
Verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have)
Definite and Indefinite Articles
Nouns and adjectives
Single and combined prepositions
Ordering Food & Drinks. Polite requests
Expressing likes and dislikes and preferences.
Hotel. Booking a room. Days and months. Telling the time
Where is… ? Where are…. ? Places of interest
Finding your way around
Leisure and holidays.
Doing shopping

Talking about work
Regular verbs

Talking about free time
Verbs to go and to come + some irregular verbs

Inviting people out / Directions
Modal verbs + More irregular verbs.

Where do you live?
Talking about houses and accommodations
Furniture and rooms in an house

What did you do at the weekend?
Introduction to the Past tense
Talking about past activities – More past tense – transitive and intransitive verbs – verbs to have and to be used as auxiliary verbs – regular and irregular past participles

Italian tradition and festivals
Christmas, Easter and Carnival – Talking about traditions and festivals – Comparing British and Italian traditions

Relationship with friends and people in general
Reflexive verbs

What you will see

Bologna – Piazza Maggiore
Bologna – Piazza Maggiore
Ravenna – Piazza del Popolo
Ravenna – Piazza del Popolo
Ferrara – View
Ferrara – View

What you may eat (and why not cook?)

The international fame of Bolognese cuisine dates back to the Middle Ages when the powerful noble families employed at their courts the most celebrated chefs of the time and taverns in town were already thriving. The gastronomic tradition of Bologna is closely linked to the University: the mixture of numerous students and professors of different nationalities enriched the gastronomic culture, and needed a good organization of food supply.

Cuisine from Bologna and from the whole of Emilia stands out for the use of meat, especially pork, and egg pasta. For this reason the city is nicknamed: “la grassa” (the fat city). The use of dairy products, such as butter, soft cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano, is also very common. The numerous recipes originated in Bologna spread all over the world contributing to the great reputation of Italian cuisine, and the huge number of food shops and restaurants in town have earned to Bologna the surname of “food city”.

Tagliatelle al ragù
Tagliatelle al ragù

Tagliatelle in Bologna are of course accompanied by bolognese sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese

Tortellini in brodo
Tortellini in brodo

Another great tradition from Bologna: Tortellini. A ring-shaped pasta, typically stuffed with a mix of meat of pork and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, usually served in broth.


A local fried bread traditionally served with cured meat.

Lasagne alla Bolognese
Lasagne alla Bolognese

Lasagne alla Bolognese: they turn out green because there is spinach in the dough.


Mortadella, a popular cured meat from Bologna which can be served sliced or cubed.

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Bologna and its hills

I feel very lucky that I can hold my courses in Torre di Jano; it’s really a short drive from my house, where I always lived before moving to England. The city of Bologna is wonderfully framed by its hills that extend to the south and south-west of the capital of Emilia-Romagna. These hills have a special place in my heart because I have grown up there.

Studded by beautiful places, breath-taking views, typical trattorias that honour our culinary tradition, the hills are a treasure for the territory because they have always been lands of fine wines. The best known is undoubtedly “pignoletto” which has its roots in the first century before Christ. The Roman writer and botanist Pliny the Elder mentions it in his “Naturalis Historia” with the name of “Pino Lieto.” Currently Pignoletto is produced in lots of versions: still, sparkling, spumante and passito.

Extra Activities

Cookery lessons

Italian tutor is happy to arrange for your cookery lessons. You can help to prepare Bolognese food or even become a chef for a day: a unique and exciting experience.

Wine tasting

In the mood for some wine? On the hills surrounding Bologna there are many vineyards which have been producing fine wines, including Barbera, Sauvignon and Pignoletto, for centuries. During your visit to a winery you can taste wonderful wines and get to know one of the best Italian traditions: the wine.

Getting to Bologna from the United Kingdom is very easy!

Bologna airport
There are direct flights to Bologna from many UK airports:
London Heathrow, 3 per day with BA
London Stansted, 1-2 per day with Ryanair
London Luton, 1 per day with Ryanair
London Gatwick, 1 per day with EasyJet
Bristol, every Wednesday and Sunday with Ryanair
Manchester, every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Ryanair
Edinburgh, every Monday and Friday with Ryanair


Last year on the hills of Bologna I organized a really similar experience for two of my British students. It was great for me and judging from the feedback even for them:

“We had a fantastic trip to Bologna organised by Gabriele . Nothing was too much trouble and we particularly enjoyed the variety of the experience from the wonderful accommodation and food and local wines at to our guided tours of Ravenna and Ferrara and Bologna itself.
The opportunity to learn pasta making, have Italian lessons and go cycling in the beautiful countryside is something we will never forget. We would thoroughly recommend.

What my students in UK say of me:

“After having completed a 24 hour Italian course with Gabriele, I could only highly recommend him as an enthusiastic and engaging teacher for all levels. Upon starting the course, I had an upper-beginner level and was not at all confident in spoken or written Italian. Now I have completed my hourly sessions of conversational Italian, my level of spoken and written Italian has improved so much and I am so happy with everything I have learnt and achieved.”
Richard, Marlow

“I always look forward to my Italian lessons with Gabriele very much indeed. His friendly manner and good sense of humour put me at my ease, and there is always so much to discuss. He has a thorough understanding of Italian and English grammar and, more importantly, the skills to explain and teach, which is not true of all native speakers.
He is interested in his students and tailors each lesson to their individual needs and interests. His warm personality and professional intelligent approach make his lessons a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.”
Pam, High Wycombe

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