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Bellaria Igea Marina

With Italian tutor you will discover the pleasure of slowing down and living the local way, as well as rich gastronomic traditions, wines, art and culture. You will be based in Bellaria Igea Marina, an iconic seaside resort just outside Rimini, the capital of the Riviera Romagnola, about 1 hour drive from Bologna. Riviera Romagnola stretches for 90 of the 1100 km of the Italian Adriatic coast. All year round Italian and foreigner tourists come to Riviera Romagnola to relax and to enjoy facilities and hotels that can please every taste.

Long sandy beach with parasol and deckchair for rental, restaurants, bars, food and music festival but as well peace, culture, traditions and history!

Romagna is not just its Riviera, though. Ravenna, about 40 km from Bellaria Igea Marina, is a unique town where you will be admiring stunning byzantine mosaics and 8 Unesco sites.

Dotted across the hills of Romagna there are amazing medieval towns where panoramic stronghold were built to defend the inhabitants: you will be visiting San Marino, the most ancient Republic of the world, and Santarcangelo, with its mysterious tufa cave, narrow streets, small squares and elegant buildings.

Getting to Bellaria Igea Marina from the United Kingdom is very easy! 

The closest airport is Rimini
which gets Ryanair flights every Tuesday and Saturday from London Stansted Airport. From Rimini Airport the best way is to get a taxy. We advice against booking, it’s more expensive! Just get a taxy which is parked outside the airport; cost of ride is about 40 euro).

The other option is using Bologna airport
which is about 70 miles away away from Bellaria Igea Marina. There are direct flights to Bologna from many UK airports:

London Heathrow, 3 per day with BA
London Stansted, 1-2 per day with Ryanair
London Luton, 1 per day with Ryanair
London Gatwick, 1 per day with EasyJet
Bristol, every Wednesday and Sunday with Ryanair
Manchester, every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Ryanair
Edinburgh, every Monday and Friday with Ryanair

From Bologna Airport there is a very good Shuttle service that gets you to Bellaria Igea Marina. There are 10 rides per day (you can check timetable at The cost is 35 euro per person each way. The coach will get you to Rimini and from there a taxy (included in the initial price) will get you straight at your hotel!