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Below you will find the feedback left by some of my students.

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1 - Heather, High Wycombe

Monday, March 5, 2018

I really wanted you to know how much I am enjoying studying with Gabriele. I am not just learning (?!) Italian, but also Italian history, culture, recipes and so much more. The week before last I asked Gabriele how the Italian language evolved (we were discussing something else at the time), and the conversation turned to Dante. Last week he brought in a book for me concerning the evolution of the Italian language and the works of Dante. I have photocopied the relevant pages (he did try, but the copier was not working), and we are going to use this text for our future conversations. I have, of course, heard of Dante but have never read his works, so I am really looking forward to studying this.

What I just want to say, is that my Thursday lesson is so much more than learning Italian. It is so interesting and I am enjoying learning immensely. Gabriele talks to me in Italian and I do understand him, although I do have still have difficulty understanding everything when Flavia and her family talk at speed. My conversation is still very slow and laboured, but I shall keep trying.

I think that Gabriele is an excellent teacher and I am so lucky to have found him. He has really tried to understand me as a person, and to make the lessons as interesting as he can. Also, he is educating me in so many other ways