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Learn Italian

Italian courses in Italy

Learning Italian in Italy is by far the best option! The language will surround you all the time and speaking it will come natural to you! Getting constant feedback from the locals will get you to a quicker learning.

The famous tagliatelle alla bolognese, a unique and exciting experience

Italian courses in Italy by Italian tutor are based in different areas of Emilia–Romagna. The locations we have chosen to learn Italian in Italy are lovely and can satisfy very different tastes. We offer both group and bespoke courses.

Group courses

They are ideal for people who fancy slowing down the Italian way and are interested in speaking, cooking and eating Italian by the sea or on the mountains. Courses dates and schedules are pre-set and include 9 hours of lesson and a wide range of cultural activities such as guided tours, cookery lessons and wine tastings.

Language, art and food at seaside

A professional course organized in a nice seaside resort on the Adriatic Coast, just outside Rimini.

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Cooking and learning on the mountains

A professional cookery and language course in a 4 star residence.

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Bespoke courses

They are ideal for a person or two people who already know each other. They are totally conceived on the needs and desires of the participant(s); dates can be agreed with the teacher. To learn Italian in Italy we suggest a package that includes 9 hours of teaching and three guided tours but we are happy to amend it according to the preferences of the student(s). Extra activities like wine tasting and cookery lessons are also available. Italian lessons will take place in your accommodation, a small apartment just outside the city centre.

Bologna: History, Language and Food

A professional course organized in Bologna, a unique opportunity to learn Italian and discover traditions, history, art and cuisine of a beautiful city.

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Why Italian full-immersion is the best way to learn?

There are great tools like apps, self-study books, online courses to learn languages but let’s tell the truth: nothing is like a full-immersion! Why?

Italian language will surround you all day.

Talking Italian will come natural to you and you will get constant feedback from the locals leading you to a quicker learning

You will not just learn the language but discover every aspect of Italian life style, you will taste and (why not cook?) Italian food, see some of the most amazing artistic towns in Italy such as Ravenna with its byzantine mosaics and Ferrara with its imposing castle right in the middle of town.

Why Bologna and Emilia-Romagna?

Emilia-Romagna is a region of Northern Italy characterized by beautiful landscapes and wonderful towns and villages dotted across mountains, hills, planes, and coasts. Its most iconic city is Bologna, the administrative and economic capital which is famous for the most ancient University in Europe, the great food and the 40 kilometres of porticoes in town.
It is definitely the ideal place to have an authentic Italian experience because it’s as beautiful as more famous destinations but not as packed with tourists and other English speakers

Discovering Italy through its language

Lots of my students in the UK decide to start to learn Italian after a holiday in Italy. They find charming its melodious sound but at the same time they are normally a little puzzled about it! Italian is not difficult but unlike English, which is a very straight to the point, concise and pragmatic, is naughty, vain, loud, passionate, long-winded and full of nuances. In other words it reflects pretty much the personality of most Italians!

You will be amazed how many ways there are to convey the same concept and Italians may pick up the one or the other according to their mood or according to how fun, serious, formal or informal they want to be. Language is by far the best way to understand the culture of a country and if you join this course you will stop feeling just a tourist and you will get to understand the culture, the habits and the country meeting Italian people in real life situations.

Are you undecided about which holiday is more suitable for you? Please get in touch to discuss about the best option for you!

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